Welcome to Resilience and COVID-19

This website is designed to educate the psychological, medical, and addiction communities and the public about pandemic-related psychological stress and trauma, how to cope with it, and, importantly, how to recognize opportunities for positive change that facilitate resilience and post-traumatic growth. 

Who we are: 

  • Members of the Trauma Division of the American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Experts in psychological trauma
  • Experienced in medical, addiction, and other clinical settings

Our blog:

Psychological Trauma, Coping, and Resilience: COVID-19 and pandemics

Our goal is to support: 

  • Frontline staff as they cope with overwhelming psychological experiences.
  • “Unsung heroes”—the nonmedical essential workers such as housekeeping, dietary, and administrative staff —as they cope with the stresses of working in COVID-19 facilities.
  • Healthcare leaders in embracing a psychologically informed leadership.
  • Mental health, addiction, and spiritual practitioners in helping their patients.
  • Mental health, addiction, and spiritual practitioners in relieving their own compassion fatigue and burnout.
  • Frontline staff and healthcare leadership in avoiding burnout.
  • People with COVID-19 as they cope with their illness experiences.
  • Families of those affected personally or professionally by COVID-19 in helping their family member while coping with the family dynamics resulting from the illness.